How to Legally Reduce the Amount of Debt 
You Currently Owe by Over 80% 
America is entering one of the biggest economic recessions in its history…

So what does that mean for you? 

Well, if you’re in debt, it means there’s never been a better time to reduce your debt dramatically…

In fact, not only is this NOT bad for you if you’re in debt…it’s a GOOD thing. You can use this downturn to your advantage. 

How is that possible? 

See, there’s never been more financial forgiveness available than RIGHT NOW. 

Creditors and debt collectors want their money now more than ever. 

Again, how is that a good thing? I know it may not sound like one…

What that means is YOU have the power because they’re hurting right now. (Just like they’ve hurt you with a credit system that’s designed to get you into debt and keep you in debt forever.)

Now is the time to turn the tables and use the current economic crisis to your advantage. 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that the creditors and debtors do NOT want you to know…

And before I share this secret I need to say something…

Please don’t leave this page. What I’m sharing with you right now could get me in some hot water with the big name companies that don’t want you to know these secrets…

…even though they’re 100% legal!

I don’t know if the “powers that be” are going to try to force me to take down this page, so I can’t guarantee this will still be available if you try to come back later…

Ok are you ready for the secret? 

The first step to reducing your debt by over 80% is to STOP paying your credit card bills. I know that may sound crazy…but it’s the truth.

However, there’s a little more to it than that…(as you might expect)

See, once you stop paying your credit card bills (which means more money INSTANTLY in YOUR pocket) you need to make sure you follow some key steps in a very specific order. 

If you make even ONE mistake…it can mess up the entire process. 

This is the exact process I used to pay off over $97,000 in debt…for just $3,500!

That means I paid less than four cents on the dollar of what I owed. I reduced my debt by 96%. 

I believe I can help you reduce the amount of debt you owe by at least 80% because I’ve helped countless people do the exact same thing. 

I’m SO confident in my system, that I’m willing to something that most people think is flat out crazy…

I’ll teach you my entire Debt Clear system with NO risk on your end. 

Let me explain…

What I’m about to say may sound too good to be true…
I want to show you how to get over 80% reduction in your credit card and other unsecured debt.

That means you can pay less than twenty cents on the dollar of what you currently owe. So if you owe $100,000 you’d pay less than $20,000.

If you owe $10,000 you’d pay less than $2,000.

I’m not just gonna show you how to do it. I’m gonna guarantee it. 

If you follow the steps in my program, and they don’t work, I’ll refund you what you’ve paid for my program AND pay you an additional $500.

Why am I willing to do this? Because I know that what I teach works. It worked for me and it’s worked for countless people I’ve helped as well.
My name is Michael Croix. I’m the founder of Debt Clear. We’ve been in business over 14 years. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with zero complaints.

When it comes to being in debt, I actually know what you’re going through. In my 20’s I racked up almost $100,000 in debt that I couldn’t service anymore. $97,000 of debt to be exact.

And I remember what that felt like…I was ashamed and scared and anxious. I didn’t know who to turn to or who to trust.

But through a lot of research and a few hard knocks…eventually…

I was able to settle my $97,000 of debt for just $3,500. That’s less than four cents on the dollar. Then I was able to boost my credit score to over 800.

Imagine being able to do that for yourself…pay back just a small fraction of what you owe. I know it may sound crazy but it’s completely possible when you follow my system.  

Not only did my system work for me. I’ve used it with thousands of clients.

I originally created this program for people who either couldn’t afford help or didn’t qualify for the traditional debt relief programs that are out there. But they still needed help.

I mean these were good people with the best of intentions, who just like me never thought they’d find themselves in a situation where they couldn’t pay their bills.

You can imagine the stories we’ve heard over the years of deaths in the family, or entire towns being laid off, or just getting squeezed financially year after year.

No matter where you are now, I’m confident I can help you.

So who is this for? Well…

Whether you’re...
Struggling to make your minimum payments
Or falling behind on payments
Or being harassed by debt collectors
Or even if you’ve received a lawsuit
You can use the Debt Clear Program to figure out where you are and what to do. And I’ll give you the information, tools, and resources to accelerate down the road to debt freedom.  

Trying to figure it all out on your own is just plain hard…and there’s a reason for this…

See, the Debt Game is Rigged Against You. 

Yes, it’s all a game. The problem is, you don’t know the rules. But the creditors and debt collectors do.

Here’s the crazy part though…they don’t follow the rules because they assume that you don’t know what they are.

These are just some of the rules I’m going to teach you in my program. Once you understand them, you can beat them at their own game.
Here’s the best part…

The creditors and debt collectors break the rules and take advantage of good people like you.

I know that sounds like a bad thing…so why is it a good thing?

Because it means you can use what I’m going to teach you to expose them for breaking the rules…and turn their mistakes into your victory.
And I want to be really clear about something…

It’s Not Your Fault You’re in Debt. 

The credit system is a scam.
They risk very little, then they prey on your guilt and shame to extract as much of your hard earned money as they possibly can. The system is designed to get you into debt, keep you in debt, and keep you paying them FOREVER.

Then when you get behind…abusive and predatory debt collectors harass and intimidate…or even illegally extort money out of people.

Frankly, it’s down right wrong.

But I’ve gone through all the pain and done all the hard work for you and put it together in my Debt Clear Program. I recommend you take advantage of it and join our program right now…

Because the other options probably just won’t cut it…

Ready to get rid of your debt once and for all?

I recommend you act now.

The decision to commit to this program is the start of debt freedom. The simple act of DECIDING you’re done with debt is the first step.

In fact, the first step in the program will IMMEDIATELY put more money in your pocket.

The money we’ll be saving you in month one could pay for membership. It’ll probably even pay for a full year of membership just in the first month. Once you see your savings, you’ll realize you’re essentially getting your membership for free. In fact, once you implement step one in my program it’ll almost be like you’re getting paid to use your membership.

This is the exact system I used to save myself over $93,000. At my peak I had about $97,000 in debt. Yet I got rid of all my debt by paying just $3,500. That’s less than four cents on the dollar.
And remember, with our insane guarantee we’ve got you covered. If you follow all the steps in our program and you pay more than twenty cents on the dollar of what you currently owe, we’ll refund you for your membership AND pay you $500 on top of that.

I know that may sound too good to be true, but it’s worked for me and countless others just like you.

So whether you have hundreds of thousands in debt…or $10,000 in debt…or even just a few thousand in debt…you’ll be saving thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

I think that should make it a no-brainer for you to become a Debt Clear member.
Still here? If so I want to do one last thing with you.

I want you to imagine something…

Imagine waking up in the near future…and being completely debt free. How would you feel? How would it feel to get rid of the shame and the stress? The fear and anxiety?

Imagine how much lighter you’d feel knowing that you didn’t have creditors breathing down your neck to collect your debts. Imagine the phone finally stops ringing and the letters stop coming in.

Imagine that sense of freedom that you can only truly experience when you’re completely debt free.
Isn’t that future you want? I know how bad I felt when I was in debt. And I know how good I feel now that I’m debt free.

I want that for you. I want you to experience total debt freedom. I want to give you a fresh start. A do-over. I want to help you achieve that reality.

Click below to become a Debt Clear Member today, clear your debt forever, and keep more money in YOUR pocket.

Still Wondering if This is the 
Right Solution for You? 

Here's The Problem with 
Other Debt Solutions...

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation comes in two flavors. One is a secured loan. This is like a home equity loan or line of credit. The other is an unsecured loan, which is a credit card or signature loan, the kind of credit that this program is intended to help get rid of.

The great thing about debt consolidation, is you enjoy the convenience of paying a single creditor. Rather than writing multiple checks, you write one. Hopefully under better terms than all of your individual accounts.

But, the only way to really get better terms is if you is if you do a home equity loan or some other secured loan. That’s because secured loans are lower risk because they have real property attached to it. If you have a bunch of unsecured debt, you become a greater and greater risk the more debt you have. So the interest rate will likely go up.

Many people pay off unsecured debt and credit card debt with the interest or the equity that they have in their home.

I don’t recommend that, because what you’re doing is you’re basically turning unsecured debt into secured debt. Which is dangerous. When you do that, you’re putting your home within the reach of your creditors. Secured debt is much easier to collect on because there’s collateral tied to it. and most people who use a home equity loan to pay off their unsecured debt find themselves in the same bad situation five years down the road.

On top of all that, you’re going to pay WAY more than 20% of your debt back. So it can be costly, dangerous, and probably won’t solve your problems in the long-term.

The Credit Card Shuffle

This is when you get these low interest rates offers, you know, it’s no interest for six months or a year, and you just keep switching balances to these introductory offers. That’ll work for some time, It’ll save you some money.

But eventually that’s really going to damage your credit score. And eventually you won’t get those offers anymore. And you might be stuck with a higher interest rate once that promotional period expires.

It’s just a band aid. It’s really not something that you should consider as a long term solution.

Debt Management Plans

There’s something called the debt management plan that many credit counseling companies offer.

How this works is you write them a single check each month and then they pay your creditors. But this is not debt consolidation. You still owe each of those creditors.

You’re literally just writing a check to them and they’re writing a check to all your creditors. And of course, there’s a fee associated with that. So a debt management plan is not debt consolidation.

It’s essentially just a waste of your money.


We’ve all heard about bankruptcy. The only thing that really applies to you is Chapter Seven. Which is also referred to as a liquidation bankruptcy.

Basically it reduces all debts that are legally capable of discharge. Chapter 13 is usually called a reorganizing bankruptcy. It basically reorganizes your debt into priority payments over a period of three to five years.

Basically in order to qualify for Chapter Seven, your income has to fall below the median income for your state. That’ss just one of the qualifications. If you make more than the median, you’re probably not going to qualify for Chapter Seven. If it is higher, then you have to take a means test to establish your eligibility. It’s a formula that determines your debt to income over the past six months and determines whether or not you have enough money to pay creditors.

If you fail the means test, you’re going to have to file Chapter 13. I don’t recommend filing for Chapter 13 because it makes you affirm all of your debts, which takes away a lot of powerful techniques down the road. And you’re probably going to be paying back a large portion of what you owe and the dropout rate is pretty high.

In Chapter Seven, any assets you have over and allowed value will be sold, which is why it’s called a liquidation bankruptcy. Partially satisfied creditors and the rest of your qualifying debt will be forgiven. The process takes from four to six months and you’ll be required to complete a credit counseling program with a government approved agency.

You will not qualify for Chapter Seven if you filed for another bankruptcy within the past six to eight years.

In Chapter 13 filings you get to keep your assets but you have to agree to pay some or all of what you owe the creditors over a three to five year period.

You’re going to be required again, to enter a credit counseling company from an approved agency and priority debts like child support. Tax obligations must be paid off in full and are not included in the restructuring plan. This is actually also true in Chapter Seven. You’ll be required to make normal payments on secured debts like home loans and auto loans.

Once you reaffirm the debt, again, something that I wouldn’t recommend, money leftover will go towards repaying unsecured debts like credit cards. When the repayment period is over, anyremaining balance that you owe will be eliminated in Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy can eliminate credit card debts, personal loans and unsecured debts. It can end creditor harassment and collection agencies, and also may stave off repossession and foreclosure. But bankruptcy cannot prevent repossession. Bankruptcy eliminates unsecured debt bit it does not remove secured loans.

If you secure a loan with property, bankruptcy eliminates the loan but the lender is still allowed to repossess the property. It does not wipe out child support and alimony.

Even if you file for Seven, these debts are considered priority debts and must be paid. It does not eliminate outstanding student loans unless you can prove undue hardship. It doesn’t wipe out tax liability except in rare situations in Chapter Seven. And, it doesn’t wipe out judgments, fines, penalties or traffic tickets.

You can see the government is usually always going to get paid and if you’re a deadbeat dad or husband, you don’t get off the hook either.

Bankrupty pros: Collection activities do stop. The court will issue an automatic stay on collection activities and pending lawsuits. If you qualify for Seven, you can get rid of most of your debt and get on with your life in a matter of months. Chapter 13 allows you to keep your assets and potentially eliminate unsecured debt. The cons is that bankruptcy is a nuclear bomb to your credit score. The fallout is going to stick around for seven to 10 years, and it’s going to make borrowing much more costly and difficult.

Chapter 13 is the least favorable and most common form of bankruptcy because most people don’t apply, or don’t qualify for Chapter Seven thanks to changes in the laws in the Bush era.

And, it’s a very expensive proposition in the short and long term. You affirm your debts, again, this is a con. You affirm your debts in Chapter 13, making it more difficult to employ other debt relief tactics that you would learn in my program.

The bottom line is if you qualify for Seven, it’s a viable debt relief option.

But, it does cost $1,000 to $2,000, even the simplest bankruptcy. Most people don’t even have that kind of money laying around but if you do qualify and do have that kind of money, which those two things are unlikely, it’s a good way forward aside from the damage to your credit report.

But if you only qualify for Chapter 13, I think you should look into other definitely options like this program obviously. By reaffirming your debts in 13, you’re giving up all your rights to dispute any of that debt down the road which as you’ll learn, can be a powerful debt relief strategy.

As you can tell, none of these are great options for you. 

So if you're ready to get the best debt program on the market, click the link below.
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